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Welcome to Hilliard Rowing. 

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Who are we?

The Hilliard Rowing Association is a non-profit organization devoted to growing the sport of youth rowing in Central Ohio.


Mission Statement:

The Hilliard Rowing Association is dedicated to providing an opportunity for youths in the Central Ohio area to learn the sport of rowing. We will foster a competitive rowing environment, encourage the development of good sportsmanship and teach the art of teamwork. We will promote the sport of rowing through community activities, education, and training.  And we will promote the physical and mental well-being of our young people as well as fostering their growth and imprint in their community.

Teamwork and Success!

A team is not just a group of people with a common cause.  A team has members from diverse backgrounds whose complementary skills feed off of each other in a coordinated effort, allowing each member to maximize their strengths and tackle their challenges.  Hilliard Crew employs teamwork on a daily basis.

How we succeed:



Our athletes find their motivation when their desire to excel meets the opportunity that fits their talents.  If your child has tried several sports and hasn't yet found their choice, rowing might just be for them.


Physical strength

Our rowers train every day, carefully managed both in-season and off, to develop themselves in a way that gives them the physical ability to succeed.



You may consider yourself an 'Endurance Athlete' but if you've never tried competitive rowing you should.



Our rowers learn to govern themselves in a manner that breeds success.


Become an HRA Sponsor

When you become a sponsor of HRA your ad will display on our webpage and at our regattas! We'll link to your website and display your contact information! 

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