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Become a Sponsor or Donate!
  • Comprised of strong athletes, requiring dedication, teamwork, commitment.  In rowing, athletes race against each other on rivers.  These races are called regattas and are comprised of teams from all over the United States.

  • Rowing is one of the oldest Olympic sports. While typically considered a competitive sport, rowing can also be recreational.  A Rowers success in the sport can be both recreational– focusing on learning the techniques required, and competitive– where overall fitness plays a large role. Several local races are held in the spring and fall seasons, 2 of which are at Griggs Reservoir and 1 on the Hoover Dam.

  • Our team is made up of both boys and girls from Hilliard Area (and beyond) and includes high school student, 8th grade students, varsity and novice rowers (no experience required). All are welcome to join and no experience is needed.

  • We are a growing organization and welcome all new rowers who are interested in becoming part of something incredible, to share in our successes and rewards, to train hard, enjoy the experiences, and become part of “Our Team”!

There are many reasons why sponsoring and/or donating to the Hilliard Rowing Association is a great idea.

How would I benefit donating or sponsoring the Hilliard Rowing Association?
  • The Hilliard Rowing Association is a non-profit (501c3) organization that is dedicated to providing an opportunity for youths in the Hilliard Ohio area to learn the sport of rowing. The club fosters a competitive rowing environment and encourages the development of good sportsmanship and the art of teamwork. The Club promotes the sport of rowing through community activities, education, and training.

  • We are very active in Ohio and promote our sponsors wherever we travel. If a sponsorship is preferred, we will work with you on how you would like us to promote your name or company.  We have the ability to promote your business to tens of thousands of potential customers every season. Not only will your business be promoted to many eyes and ears across Ohio, but our professionalism will ensure that your corporate image is promoted in the correct way as if it was our own reputation that we were dealing with.


If I donated, what will happen with your contribution? 
  • As a 501c3, all donations are tax deductible.

  • Donations to the Hilliard Rowing Association go directly to support the organization’s rowing activities and capital needs.  We do not contract with outside fundraising solicitors and our board members all serve on a voluntary basis, so you can rest assured that your contribution will go directly to the activities of the organization–where it is needed most.  Donations enable us to upgrade our equipment, purchase new boats, and offer a high quality of rowing instruction.

  • As we continue to exceed and grow as a dedicated team, we will also carry your sponsorship and promote your services and/or products through our network of people and audiences that we attract every day of the year.


Why the Hilliard Rowing Association?
  • The HRA is not limited to being a rowing team. We are a community of people dedicated on giving back to the local community. Our Team is designed to not only give students the chance to develop a passion for rowing, but to promote team building, leadership, and communication. It is our honor to bring in younger members and give them an environment to develop healthy life skills, and also promote physical activity. We look forward to speaking with you about any form of sponsorship/donation. If you are interested, please contact us to find out all of the opportunities that we have to include You in our Team!


Name a Boat
  • Boat naming rights are now available.  For those interested in boat naming rights, please contact us for more information.  This is a great way to honor your business or someone by placing their name on the bow of one of our boats.​

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